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Attention : Defenderz Leaders and Members

What : Defenderz Members Development Strategy

 Objective : To secure Continuing Growth and Success of Defenderz


Hi everyone,

Welcome to Defenderz Faction. Yes its really hard to gather people, even gain their trust and we thank you very much for entrusting your Granado Espada Enjoyment and development as well. Defenderz is more than a group or a faction. We seek not only the Buffs of a Colony but also to gain sensible, wonderful and cool members  who can be a dear friend.

 The first generation of Defenderz are now elite members of high profle Faction Like Reloaded, Intruderz, Hellraiders and Anarchy who made their names carved in the competetive world of Granado Espada. As Defenderz’ alumni, they remain to be Defenderz at heart and in mind.

Thus, we now open the new horizon for Defenderz…The DefenderZ Academy.

 The Defenderz Academy’s true goal is to help GE Players members or not, but we highly give top priority to our memerbs. This Academy will secure new members development by helping them get through the toughest period of their leveling experiences.

 To Start, Lets Meet the Group Leaders, Mentors or Sensei and Students.

Leader – IILeader : Sensei + Members

1. Daclans  – Hakyuten : maming + FPT, TrilogyEx, Shas

2. DotaAllStars – Kusabireika : Vaigard + Hornstar, TheAnimal, Butterfly

3. Kitsan – Fuuchuoin : SunchineSixty + IXl™, Maxicalcio, Truelight

4. Mendezz – Mickymice : Koichix + Delioncourt, Ferbious,

5. Xavier – Externalz : Trebor + McBenedetto, LordMaxim

6. RavenZ – Xenn :  TBF + Everwind, Frozenfate, Vauzpiraz

7. Rildiz – Crizto : Luska + Avegail, TeamWhite, Kuchikit,

8. Khinseh – Confessa : PArkom + Urservant, KillMoSiRonRon,VonBrandt

9. Ravemax – Zho : Siaoming + Handcuff, Segan

10. Sakuzaki – Raylin : SupremeChaos + Valerhia, LandSeal

11. Etherealist – Zieghung : HNKhupeng + DToulouslautrec, Joshuas, KingdomHeart

12. Etherealista – Bugok : Oyeshima + XTsubasaX, Gregorski, Besso, 

13. Amiyumi™ – LaCoSaNostRaD : Deanz + BountyHunter + DragonEmpire, Augustulus

Leaders Function

 1. Attendance Checking and Growth monitoring Daily and Weekly

2. Colony War Attendance and Performance rating

3. Rapport Building by creating ingame events for their group such as Mission Quest, Boss Raiding or Map Touring. Especially PVP Practice to test members control and navigation.

4. Teach and Develop members about Granado Espada Concepts i.e Leveling Guide, Earning Viz, Enhancement, Enchantment, Advance Enhancement, Family Leveling and Colony War Advantage.

5. Weeekly Assessment Meeting With FM and Deputy on the latest developments on their members. This is also crucial because its their assessments that determines who stays or not.

New Members who just joined after this post will be notified what mentoring group they will be included.

Proud to be Defenderz!!!!

 Etherealista VEt 101 Wiz, Scout, Jack

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Hedgestone Locations

Taken from

Feel free to write me – Rildiz – ingame so I can update it if you have found more of theese ^^

To start the hengestone quest, go and talk to the hengestone manager inside roboldeoux pioneering support centre. You must be level 40 to intiate the quest. You can touch them before the quest, but they will not count as found. I touched about 4-5 of them on my travels and It said I found my first one when I touched the one in Porto bello. So do not hunt for them until starting this quest.

There is/should be a hengestone on every overworld map, apart from towns & cities.

There should be a total of 50 hedgestones, because the compensation list has items for up to 50 hedgestones.

Compensation List: (Listed here for completiviness)

===10 Hengestones===

1. Warp Scroll (20)
2. Elemental Orb (50)
3. Megaphone (50)
4. Integration box (50)
5. Enchant chip level 68 (3)
6. Level 30 EXP card (9)
7. Golden Coupon (2)

===20 Hengestones===

1. Cinquedea (1)
2. Level 40 EXP card (9)
3. Bracelet of Hellfire (1)
4. Unicorn Rod (1)
5. Brown Bess 34 (1)
6. Enchant chip level 72 (3)
7. Knightsword (1)

===30 Hengestones===

1. Violent Shooting Star Ring (1)
2. Might Staff (1)
3. Box of Bellem (10)
4. Jambiya (1)
5. Level 60 EXP card (9)
6. Enchant chip level 76 (3)
7. Studded-Leather Armor (1)

===40 Hengestones===

1. Into ###### Ring (1)
2. Mysterious Amber (10)
3. Platinum Coupon (2)
4. Rod of Darkness (1)
5. Persqabz (1)
6. Enchant chip level 80 (3)
7. Leranja e Pretol (1)

===50 Hengestones===

1. R.I.P Ring (1)
2. Mysterious amber (10)
3. Box of Bellem (10)
4. Diamond Coupon (1)
5. Albaes (1)
6. Enchant Chip level 84 (3)
7. Bracelet of Neptune (1)

Pillar locations:
Here is the list of pillars (Lvl order) that were found throughout the journey of Granado Espada. Newly discovered Hedgestones will get a *NEW* at the end for a time of ard 1 week. Enjoy.

1.     Queen’s gate I2, at the top right most corner of minimap
2.   Stone Pit C2, near jacks house [1-4]
3.   Ferructio Junction H9, hiding in the small ledge [4-7]
4.   Al Quelt Moreza H7, near the fountain [7-10]
5.   Al Quelt Moreza Nartex b/w D8 and C8, behind one of the pillars [10-12]
6.   Cathari Falls F9, SW bottom of cliff [17-19]
7.   King’s Garden F6, walk down slope and turn left [19-22]
8.   Tetra Hill H9, Cave room where u can go to the other super high lvl area [22-24]
9.   Tetra Ruins F9, in a very small corner at the side of the ruined building [24-26]
10.   Jezebel Glen H6, near colony orb [34-36]
11.   Porto Bello G6, next to waypoint [36-38]
12.   Porto Bello Deck J6, 2nd last square room [38-41]
13.   Porto Bello Deserted Quay E1, next to gateway to Desolate Cliff [46-48]
14.   Thueringenward G4, Inside stone circle [48-50]
15.   Porto Bello Desolate cliff H5, about 15m away from the nearest cliffs [48-53]
16.   El Largo de Tres Hermanas/Lake of 3 Sisters I7, NW edge under hill [50-53]
17.   Theuringen Lakeside D6, across the river of the golden well
18.   Dr. Torsche’s Mansion: Savage Garden G3, On the side of the mansion [53-55]
19.   El Tejado Verde F8 [55-60]
20.   Pradera de ceniza E3 [60-62]
21.   Rion Prairie H3 [62-65]
22.   Bonavista River F5, positioned in one narrow corner [65-67]
23.   The Crater of Joaquin H7, top of the middle crater [65-70]
24.   Lava Plateau of Joaquin F2, Right next to waypoint [70-72]
25.   Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus E5, in the middle of a circle marking [72-74]
26.   El canon de Diabolica G2, next to cliffs [78-85]
27.   El Ruina Memoria E9 [???]
28.   Vegas Javier F2 [???]
29.   Ustiur, Zona Uno G6/G7, within the trees [??-86]
30.   Ustiur Zona Dos E11 [level 86 above]
31.   Lago Celeste E3 [???]

Total Hedgestones: 31

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Vouchers – The annoying way to get Rings

Here follows a few mini maps for AQM aswell as Tetra mini bosses locations, Porto Bello will be added later when I find all ^^




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Missions: The way to get rich with friends ^^

Credit to Seiren

Interchanges are not soloable, as you need at least 2 person, one to guard ur base while the other goes off destroying towers. Unless you want to just solo and farm the bosses for ten minutes and then fail the mission. Rest of the missions are soloable. Having one of your own towers destroyed in Highway doesnt result in a mission fail. Interchanges have 8 slots, rest of the missions have only 4.

Interchange mission bosses spawn in pairs, meaning two of each kind of boss will spawn at once. Kill fast if you dont want to get mobbed.

Interchange 1 – Tetra Ruins Mobs, with Castor and Phobitan Chieftain Bosses. lvl 44 recommended.

Interchange 2 – Been a while since i done one of these so i cant remember what kind of mobs spawn.

Interchange 3 – Lava Plateau / Crater of Joaquin Mobs, Violent Joaquin bear boss. Recommended lvl 88.

Spotlight 1 – Tetra Ruins Mobs, Phobitan Chieftain Boss. Recommended lvl 44

Spotlight 2 – El Lago, Savage Garden mobs. No Boss. Recommended lvl 52

Spotlight 3 – Joaquin Prison Mobs, No Boss. Recommended lvl 76

Trinity 1 – No one can seem s to know if there exists even

Trinity 2- Porto Bello Mobs, Escudo Percher and Merman Chieftain Boss. Recommended lvl 52.

Trinity 3 – Dr. Torsche Mansion Mobs, Victor Boss. Recommended lvl 72.

Highway 1 – Tetra Hill Mobs, no boss. Recommended lvl 24.

Highway 2 – Porto Bello Mobs, Parsiar Captain and Wahlansche Boss. Recommended lvl 60.

Highway 3 – Never seen one.

The reckomended lvls are just for show, you can do it a few lvls earler aswell.

Now in all theese mission as a reward you will recieve a key to a chest, you can choose to save the key thus being able to open 2 chests in the next mission you finish, but that sounds to me just gay ^^

All missions will have at least one chest containing chips and one containing rares (Health/Soul filler IS a rare btw, cant be bought)

The mobs in missions will drop the same stuff that they would out in the field or in dungeons.


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DefendeRz Faction Recruitment Drive


If YOU are a player who want’s to have balance of power in the Vivaldi Server then help us to build up DefendeRz Faction.. Let us make a name for ourselves in the world of Granado Espada.. we are still new, but we are hoping to be a strong and able Faction..

To those who want to join us please leave a message.. Or.

Just PM the following names when you are playing Online.. Thank You..

1. Menndez

2. alphamaverick

3. Silverstained

4. Etherealista

We are looking for LvL 65+ Families to join us..


The DefendeRz Faction Vision and Mission


1. To be a Well-Recognized Faction in the world of Granado Espada.


1. To establish a dynamic network of highly-efficient players.

2. To provide developmental opportunities for every member.

3. To help the G.E. community to further enjoy the game experience..


The Values of every DefendeRz Member should be:







we will be waiting for you… godspeed!

Faction Name DefendeRz

DefendeRz Faction consists of English Speaking International Players from: (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, China, Vietnam etc.)

Faction LeaderMenndez

Server Vivaldi